Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Tamil AMC..

Teacher in my follow up class started to tell about the upcoming advance course in Bangalore ashram. My mind is not ready to plan for this adv course as I attended Yes++ only two months back. She continued this adv course is so special that Guruji will be present physically in all sessions. Yesssssssssssss this is what I too needed. So I decided to go for this adv course too. All the things happened within three days and I reached ashram early morning.
Again I am in this beautiful place. Arunji, Swami Vishnupadha and Harsih conducted the course. Yeah again this mischievous guy has cheated me.. now and then Arunji sang ‘ Vishamakara kannan.. avan Vishamakara kannan..’ Slowly I realized what he is meaning to say.
Guruji used to come come one session daily. Even in his meditation there was no words… it was not sort of guided meditation.. he just asked everyone to close our eyes.. that is it. We are meditating without any effort. His presence was felt in each meditations.
Guruji told everyone ‘ Dont think whether I am eligible for this meditation. Is it possible for me to meditate’. Everyone present here is blessed to meditate. That is why I have made you to come here.’ Some bulb started glowing in my head.
Course was in final stage. I don’t want to leave the ashram. But remembered some of his words ‘ A vehicle goes to a petrol bunk and fills up its tank. It has to leave the petrol bunk. It cant be in petrol bunk all the time. Same is true for ashram. You are filled with Joy in Ashram. Your duty is now to spread the joy to the outside world and come back to Home for filling joy again if necessary’


  1. u not write a small effective experience for the yesplus chennai blog???!?!