Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Temple - Source of Liquidity for Govt

I visited Meenakshi temple a week back after a long time.

It wore a very new look and many sculptures got labels. Very nice to get to know the names.

But the temple has been highly commercialised.

Temple Authorities has created artificial queues/crowds so that people might buy
special entrance ticket of Rs.15. Infact this Rs.15 queue has been given a crowded look. This is to entice the public for Rs.100.

Ruling Government propogates Atheism and opens Periyar statues rite in from of temples But why it is interested in controlling temples?

Very recent move to control Chidambaram Nataraja temple made the government to put around 9 hundials (Money collection pot) in the temple.

Is the profit incurred by TASMAC not sufficient for Liquidity?

Govt control increases corruption and illegal activities.
Example Navapashanam statue scratching in Palani temple. This temple is highly corrupted temple in the state.

Next target should be Madurai temple. I doubt future generations might get the feelin of these religious places if these continues.


Is there any field where there is no scandal?

Men in each and every political party involve all sorts of scandal.
So how many citizens have raised their voice to make them away from politics.
People assume he ll do some good atleast in this term and vote again the same person.

Either a boy or a girl betray their partner in love / after marriage.
People read/hear these in newspaper very frequently. So did they ever decide not to marry or start doubting their own life partner??? People believe he / she will be very good and move on..

Why people decide not get into spirituality if one such swami get trapped??
Why people see all gurus in same view??

Spiritual Path is very long. Even guide(Swami) is not needed if you have strong intention. But these media hypes should not be used as an excuse to move away from the path.