Wednesday, March 10, 2010


Is there any field where there is no scandal?

Men in each and every political party involve all sorts of scandal.
So how many citizens have raised their voice to make them away from politics.
People assume he ll do some good atleast in this term and vote again the same person.

Either a boy or a girl betray their partner in love / after marriage.
People read/hear these in newspaper very frequently. So did they ever decide not to marry or start doubting their own life partner??? People believe he / she will be very good and move on..

Why people decide not get into spirituality if one such swami get trapped??
Why people see all gurus in same view??

Spiritual Path is very long. Even guide(Swami) is not needed if you have strong intention. But these media hypes should not be used as an excuse to move away from the path.


  1. i have written a similar post in my blog too.. :) Do take a look :)

  2. Nice - the post couldn't have been better timed.