Monday, May 19, 2008

Utsav in Chennai

"Hey I am very eager to become a leader and lead a exemplary life"
"I want to improve the quality of my life"
"I need to showcase my talent in all my official and personal works"
" I need to be more responsible"
"I have to do my part to prevent global warming"
"Not only saints, even I am capable of meditating but my mind gives some excuses like time and environment"

If any of these thoughts come now and then in your mind then it is the right time to plunge into action.
Yes friends. Let s start to do something useful not only for us but for all the creatures in this world.
But how????
Through UTSAV that is going to rock Chennai from June 5 to June 8 2008.
"But I am working in IT company. It will be far from my place as I work in OMR"
Hey you are lucky. The course is gonna take place in Anna University campus. Timing is from Evening 5 PM to 9 PM.
Still for what you are waiting for???
If your age is between 18 to 30 ,
Shoot me a mail for further details: or

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

My first visit to Bangalore...

It was on May 2004.
One of my wishlist is going to take palce.. Yeah i am going to Bangalore. I dint have any purpose to visit the place, that too as college student i dint have time(Money too ;) ) to visit. All i know about Bangalore in my college was from Maxson( My friend who used to visit the place every summer). Whether it is a movie , a place or a Gal , he is king in saying Karuthu (Message). So i used to hear lot from him. I got my parent's permission to go to Bangalore for AMC.

Yes yes i m not going to Bangalore for an interview or Bird watching. That was my first AMC in the Ashram. Dravid and me managed to get the train ticket to Bangalore. And we landed in that heaven(Ashram).
It was sunday evening Satsang there. People were asking questions to Guruji. One gal shouted I love you to Guruji. Guruji with a smile replied ' U ve no choice' ....

And it took some months to understand the meaning of his words...

Monday, May 12, 2008

My First writing...

I liked to blog but i was giving some excuses to support my lethargy...

Finally I am in action.